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History Of Salt

We Are The History

Records of the use of salt date from 5000 years. In  Egypt, the Egyptians used salt to preserve bodies, for about five thousand years, the Egyptians knew also salty foods and vegetables mixed with salt and sauce, and used salt to preserve fish. 

Scarce and precious, salt was sold by weight of gold, and was used on several occasions as money. Among the best known historical examples of this is that the Romans paid their soldiers with salt originating the word salary. 

The ancient Chinese used coins made of salt in the deliberation, and in many areas around theMediterranean, where salt tablets were used as currency in circulation 


El Nasr Salines Company is an Egyptian company.It was established in 1805.  As We are a part of the history of salt in Egypt. long years of experience in every aspect of the salt business, we have become Egypt's trusted authority on salt. 

The company activities covers all phases including design, implementation and operation of solar salines and manufacturing processes and selling salt, So it has a good cadres and expertise in these fields.

We export our products to many countries of the world like : America, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Cyprus, Finland, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Angola, Cameroon, Croatia, Slovenia, Palestine, Jordan, Ivory Coast, Morocco. 

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