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El Nasr Salines Company is one of the largest salt companies not only in Egypt ,but in the Middle East and Africa. Our Company is a subsidiary of the Holding Company for chemicals industries under the Ministry of Investment and owned completely by the Egyptian government.  

  • Authorized capital           : 100 million (EGP) 

  • Paid in capital                 : 18,746 million (EGP) 

  • No # of shares                : 1874600 Shares

  • Value of the share          : 10 (EGP) owned completely by the holding company for chemical industries 



It produces and manufactures million ton of sea salt from Sebika salines at Arish - North Sinai, located on 26 million square meters and at Bourg El Arab Salines to the west of Alexandria, located on 27.6 million square meters. El Nasr Salines Company provides products that contribute greatly to a better quality of life. 

Our Company have a proudly long history in supplying a variety of salt products to meet the needs of the food industry,Salt for industrial and commercial users.Every product is indicated for different uses and many of them for more than one, depending on the needs of individual customers and users.

We engaged in producing, manufacturing, marketing & exporting of high quality and varied salt Products. El Nasr Salines has it all !


At El Nasr Salines Company, We believe that the rich saline waters of the Mediterranean sea have provided our natural sea salts with a unique flavor for over 200 years.  


We will provide the customers the general information about our company, our products, and some interesting facts about salt 

El Nasr Salines has high-quality modern production plans,Conveniently located sites and warehouses, as well as a comprehensive network of business agents. But most of all, it has a highly motivated and efficient team that offers their skills and knowledge about salt to the customers. 

Don’t forget we always have something to share with you!  


Good quality means production of products correctly.

El Nasr Salines Co believes that the excellence in food quality is essential for the protection of human health.   

Products manufactured by El Nasr Salines meet the government requirements and the standards for food safety and Environmental Management system.For producing of all types of common salt (Nacl) for all purpose (Edible and Industrial Usage).   

  • ISO 14001:2004.   

  • ISO 9001:2000.   

  • License of Quality Mark from the Egyptian Organization for Standardization & Quality.   

It 's company policy to produce and distribute products suitable for their intended purpose in order to give you a pure salt of constant quality ,Multible checks are done systematically from harvest to packing with all relevant specifications and customer expectations.   

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