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El Nasr Salines Company is an Egyptian company . It was established in 1805 .As we are a part of the history of salt in Egypt. long years of experience in every aspect of the salt business, we have become Egypt's trusted authority on salt. 

The company activities covers all phases including design, implementation and operation of solar salines and manufacturing processes and selling salt, so it has good cadres and expertise in these fields .

The company comprises two salines : 

Arish - North Sinai, located on 26 million square meters situated within the natural preserved area (Elzranik)which considered one of the purest spot in the world, far removed from any source of contamination which reflects on the quality of salt produced .


Bourg El Arab Salines to the west of Alexandria, located on 27.6 million square meters in a naturally clean area away from sources of pollution which again is reflected in the quality of salt produced .

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