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SEBIKA Salines

Sebika saline , Arish - North Sinai , is located on 26 million square meters situated within the naturaly preserved area (Elznanik) which is considered one of the purest area in the world, Far from any source of polution which reflects on the quality of salt produced.  

The production of Sebeka saline for the years (2009 /2010) 1.2 million tons amount (200 thousand tons from cleaning pounds). 


The company's projects: 

First: The Company's production of raw salt : 

To meet the increasing of local and global demand, The Company has applied extensions to the saline in 2007/2008 by adding crystallization pounds resulting in increased production capacity from 350 thousand tons per year to 1000000 million tons per year. 

The company is applying the second phase from the extensions (Zraa El Deeb Saline) by adding concentration and crystallization pounds and we have finished approximately 85% of the work, production will start in it by the end of 2011 /2012. 

Saline's capacity will reach after finishing the second phase of the extensions over 2 millions tons per year. 

The extension’s work included expanding 30(thirty) kilometers long from the bridges with 6- 10 meters width to the bridge and the establishment of the main pumping station with 6 units, the power of the unit is 1600 cubic meters /hour and the addition of pump is 2400 cubic meters/hour for the main feeding station and a number of channels of 20 kilometers length and erection of transformers and generators and establishing the buildings necessary for services and operation. 

Second: the Development of industrial processes and increase energy . 

To manufacture and install a salt washing unit locally, with a capacity of 100 ton/hour. 

To set up an automatic filling station with 8 filling machines compatible with the health and environmental requirements. 

To set up a complete maintenance schedule to the salt washing unit to increase its efficiency and capacity. It produces 100 tons /hour now. 

Third : New Projects:  

These projects are planned for completion in 2010/2011

The salt refining unit with a capacity 15 tons /hour.              
The establishment of a new production line for establishing a crushing and sieving unit. 

Fourth: the social role to the saline in North of Sinai  

The proportions of employees who work in the saline are 99.5% local people from the North of Sinai. 

Participate in the operation in El Arish Port ,we export approximately 500 thousand tons of salt annually. 

The contractors work in a variety of roles in the saline, most of them from the same area. 

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