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Industrial Salt

Salt Which Is Not Used for Human Consumption
It is a key component in the production of different industries, as almost all industries in the world use sodium chloride salt, either as a main material or an additive.  Chemical industries represent the largest consumers  of salt, which is used in the production of prime chemicals , chlorine that is used  in water treatment faculties, Caustic Soda used as a  dyes in  textile and detergent, Soda Ash  used  in glass and soap manufacturing  and leather tanning - Manufacture of paper - plastics - ceramics – fertilizer etc 

Food industries :  

Cheese -Pastrami - Meat processing - pickles - bread - dry food – sweets –tinned goods. 

Other uses: 

Petrochemicals ,  Iron and steel ,  , feed livestock, oil refining, pharmaceuticals, melt the snow
The company exported its products to many countries of the world.  

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