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الملح الخام

The raw salt is used in some industries and road de-icing.
Winter means snow and black ice on roads and footpaths,That causing dangers to the traffic. Many years of experience have shown that the most efficient way to secure traffic safety is sodium chloride (NaCl) de-icing salt, Making roadways safe traffic. 

ملح الطعام

There are various grades available for the edible salt market. We at EL Nasr Salines Co have recently started marketing of edible salt under our own brand of EL Nasr Salines Co. Our edible salt used in numerous food related industries like  bakery, cereals, butter ,cheese,and pickles etc.

ملح لاغراض صناعية

Salt that is not Used for Human Consumption. 
It is a key component in the production of different industries, as almost all industries in the world use sodium chloride salt, either as a main material or an additive.  Chemical industries represent the largest consumers  of salt, which is used in the production of prime chemicals , chlorine that is used  in water treatment facilities,Caustic Soda used as a dyes in textile and detergents,Soda Ash is used in glass , soap  and leather tanning industry , Manufacture of paper - plastics - ceramics , fertilizer etc 


منتجات اخرى

Like (Bath Salt (Relax))  

Nature giving beauty.

Natural energy of oils in combination with the properties of ancient sea salt creates unique chemical and aromatic blends, favorably affecting human organism after a tiring day,Dissolve Bath Salt Relax of your favorite perfume and color in warm water and relax in it for about 20 minutes to: 

  • End your Fatigue.

  • Remove your muscular pains.

  • Activate your blood circulation.

  • Refresh your body.

  • Elimination of  bacteria.

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